Dr. Kirk Smith, Bellingham WADr. Kirk Smith was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and grew up there.  Following high school, he moved to Seattle where he graduated from the University of Washington.  He received a Ph. D. in experimental psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1963.  After two years in the Army as a research psychologist, he moved to Bell Laboratories where he pursued research in memory and language.

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Attention, brain scientists!

vanessa's curve of mind by kirk smithVanessa Trippett is on the brink of changing your field as radically as Einstein changed physics early in the twentieth century. Her work will also revolutionize psychology and dramatically impact much of medical science.

“It’s all well and good to map the active brain,” she tells one of her professors. “Why isn’t anyone worrying about precisely mapping the thinking and feeling going on at the same time?”

Vanessa doesn’t have a PhD yet, but she’s developing a map that integrates people’s thoughts and feelings with the brain. And it isn’t the three-dimensional one in anatomy books.

Hers has seven dimensions, and it’s curved! But will she ever receive a degree or publish her theory?
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About Kirk’s Blog

My blog is devoted to exploring and reviewing novels with characters who are realistic scientists engaged in real science. It is also complementary to my writing, including Vanessa’s Curve of Mind, a novel published in April, 2013.  It’s important to note that fiction about science is not the same as science-fiction!! The science in the latter is rarely realistic.

You’ll find three kinds of posts on the blog: reviews of novels about science I have read; commentaries on the implications of novels about science for readers and writers and for our society and culture; and news posts about events in my life that have something to do with fiction about science, and occasionally an explanation of an hiatus or other change in the frequency or content of the posts. A few posts are classified into two categories.

The following links (posts) will be of special interest to first-time visitors: A list of Novels Reviewed is updated each time I post a new review. An account of how and why I started a blog on fiction about science can be found under the title, Why So Little Fiction About Science?. My current thoughts on defining fiction about science are in The Case for Hard Core Lab Lit. And my most recent book review is at Review of ‘Solar’ by Ian McEwan.

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