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Review of “The Bourbaki Gambit” by Carl Djerassi

Each of the four novels in Carl Djerrasi’s tetralogy of “science-in-fiction” is explicitly written to address a facet of life in the science establishment.  The first, Cantor’s Dilemma, deals with the role of trust and ambition, especially in the relationship between student and mentor.  In The Bourbaki Gambit, the second novel in the series, Djerrasi […]

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Review of “About Time” by Michael Murphey

Let me begin this review by stipulating that time travel is impossible. Not just physically impossible—logically impossible. To say that something is “logically impossible” does not involve anything remotely technical. For example, to say, “John traveled from 2014 CE to 2400 BCE” is to use words like “John” and “travel” and dates like 2014 and […]

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