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New Three-Part Review on LabLit

To my imaginary (!) readers: During the past two weeks I have been putting the finishing touches on and completing the final editing of a review that has just begun to appear on the Lab Lit website. It should be of interest to anyone who follows my blog and especially to serious readers who are […]

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Is Anyone Interested?

Is anyone interested in fiction about science? If so, have they looked at any of my posts recently? If your answer is “yes,” would you please click on the following link and use the form there to send me an email: Your message can be just the word “yes.” If you want to write […]

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“Green Mars” and More on Mitchell Wilson

Let me begin with a brief comment on Mitchell Wilson’s two novels about physicists, Live With Lightning (1949) and Meeting at a Far Meridian (1961). As readers of this blog know, my reviews have praised both of them highly. I’ve also mentioned a couple times in my posts that I originally wrote what I thought was going […]

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What Fiction Contributes (That Biography Can’t)

In my last post, I described Mitchell Wilson’s novel, Live With Lightning, as a biography of a fictional scientist. I also pointed out some of the differences between what Wilson did in contrast to fictionalized biographies such as Kepler by John Banville, The Properties of Light by Rebecca Goldstein, and Measuring the World by Daniel […]

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Kim Stanley Robinson: Some Thoughts

In need of an engaging novel to read on a long flight recently and finding myself in a university bookstore, I bought a copy of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars. I knew the title is on the Lab Lit List and recalled enjoying a trilogy of Robinson’s novel some years ago (more on that below). […]

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