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Review of “Blue Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson

Blue Mars (1996) is the third novel in Robinson’s “Mars Trilogy.” It concludes the speculative history of the colonization of Mars begun in Red Mars and continued in Green Mars, both of which I’ve already reviewed in this blog. From here on I’ll adopt Robinson’s names “Terra” for the Earth—the home planet—and “Luna” for the […]

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“Green Mars” and More on Mitchell Wilson

Let me begin with a brief comment on Mitchell Wilson’s two novels about physicists, Live With Lightning (1949) and Meeting at a Far Meridian (1961). As readers of this blog know, my reviews have praised both of them highly. I’ve also mentioned a couple times in my posts that I originally wrote what I thought was going […]

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Two Novels About Implausible Physicists

I have a confession. Until I started reviewing novels, I rarely read any of them more than once. However, over the last three years since I began posting reviews on this blog, I have read almost every book I’ve reviewed here at least twice and some, three times. The original purpose of my reviews was […]

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Review of “Live With Lightning” by Mitchell Wilson

Mitchell Wilson’s Live With Lightning is the only novel I know that is in effect the biography of a fictional scientist. In this post I will try not to duplicate John Lowry’s excellent review on while describing the salient aspects of the story and the characters in order to lay the groundwork for an argument […]

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Kim Stanley Robinson: Some Thoughts

In need of an engaging novel to read on a long flight recently and finding myself in a university bookstore, I bought a copy of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars. I knew the title is on the Lab Lit List and recalled enjoying a trilogy of Robinson’s novel some years ago (more on that below). […]

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Review of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

I’d never read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein until it’s notoriety finally provoked me to pick it up two years ago. When I finished it, I wrote the first draft of this review. However, the book’s fame made me hesitate to post my review here. Recently, I skimmed the review  and decided that my comments generally still made sense now that I […]

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