Is Anyone Interested?

Is anyone interested in fiction about science? If so, have they looked at any of my posts recently? If your answer is “yes,” would you please click on the following link and use the form there to send me an email:

Your message can be just the word “yes.” If you want to write me a longer message, especially if your answer to the second question was also “yes,” that’s fine. And by the way, I’ll treat all emails beginning with “yes” as private and won’t make them public unless you tell me it’s okay. And if you’ve contacted me in the past, chances are you have my email address. If you do, please use it for a personal message.

Thank you in advance.

You may be wondering why I’m calling for just a minimal response. There are two reasons, and the rest of this post will explain them. The primary reason is that I suspect I’m writing for a nonexistent audience! I want to check my suspicion one more time. (I posted a call for feedback three months ago.) If I don’t get some feedback this time, I’m going to stop blogging.

The second reason I’m quitting is that writing my own fiction, composing more formal contributions for and keeping up with a blog have become too time consuming and no longer fun. I started all three of these activities as a retirement hobby, but fiction writing was how it all started. I worked at the other two types of writing because they were fun for a while, too. To make a long story short, the blog in particular has now become a millstone. It feels like an obligation, and it’s just not fun anymore longer.

For example, I’ve spent the last month working on three more posts on Robinson’s “Mars Trilogy,” including a review of Blue Mars. (I’ll post them as I finish each one.) I enjoyed reading the books, I learned a great deal about writing from them, but editing drafts of my reflections for an audience is not what I want to be doing. I also have drafts of three more reviews of novels I read a year or more ago. (Those too will appear when I have a chance to edit them.) Then it will be farewell to the “Fiction About Science” blog.

I am working on some contributions to, so watch for them there. And one of the nice things about content on the web is that one can arrange for it to remain available indefinitely for people to look up or find while browsing. I plan to keep the blog pages I’ve written so far active for the foreseeable future. Your comments and suggestions would be welcome, and I promise to respond to all of them.

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